We Need Each Other

“Thank you for bringing clarity. When we started mentorthe session I had an idea of where I wanted to go and wasn’t sure how it would develop. I definitely did not expect to have such deep insight. I feel as though I am bravely and confidently on a new quest in life – leaving my mask behind. Man alive, coaching is such a cool process.”   Cheryl
“I have to say, I used to think people did not need coaches. I used to think people should be able to do things on their own. BUT I really enjoyed our coaching session just now and it really does help to talk about things with a coach. I am glad I met you and you are my coach!! I’ll spread the word about you.”   Mary
“Aaron has a creative and enthusiastic approach to life and people! He has partnered with us and has become our son’s confidant and biggest cheerleader – which at the age of 16, has a different kind of importance than words from us sometimes. What we appreciated is that Aaron’s honest and caring approach provides a truthful and safe arena for motivation and movement towards growth and growing up – something every teen innately wants.”   Julie
“Aaron helped open up lines of communication within our family.  He called out behaviors that needed to be called out.  He facilitated the difficult discussions our family needed to have.  hiking
He helped open our eyes to the impact of our individual behaviors on the family unit, then showed us all how behavior is a choice with implications either way.  He translated mature topics into language and models our youngest child could understand.”  Anonymous
“I have had the extreme pleasure of being coached by Aaron. Through this process I never felt like I was being analyzed. It was more like two friends talking. His coaching technique was asking key questions that caused me to think more thoroughly bringing out ideas that I never really thought about. Since being coached by Aaron I’ve moved toward what makes me happy; in my case that is teaching. Aaron helped come to the conclusion that teaching is what I truly love to do. I didn’t know what I loved to do until being coached. I have already started my own Sunday school class and am looking into getting my teaching credentials. So if you feel like you need a good coach, I say call Aaron. Make a pot of coffee and you will feel like you are spending time with a good friend.”   Mike 
“I’ve known Aaron Logue for many years, but only recently begun avictory
relationship with him as a life coach. The months we’ve spent together have been quite fruitful, and his input and encouragement have been timely and significant. Besides knowing his subject well, his heart to connect deeply with those he’s coaching has been evident, and this connection has been as significant as the timely advice he’s given.”  Ed
“When my first baby was born 20 years ago, I left my career. After 3 more children, plus supporting my husband’s work that involved family flexibility and travel, I decided it was time for me to transition back into working again.  It has been more challenging than I thought. With little confidence, the busy pace of my teenagers and Mom being the main support person, I found it almost impossible to plan and stick to my own personal goals.  punching_girlAaron has given me a comfortable and safe place to drill down reasonable goals with action steps, plus work out the deep thoughts that have been holding me back. Aaron reminds me that having 4 children is not easy either, and that I was able to accoplish that, then I can do this too.  Change is hard.  And verbalizing the steps makes it more attainable for me.”  Julie